I will be posting more information about each of these projects at some point. There are many other projects not listed here on Github. I am terrible at keeping this page updated.


Stage: Released

A browser extension that rewrites Facebook Open Graph links so that they open the original source. For eg. click on a shared news article and read it in the original website without having to install the app and without having to mark the article as read. Checkout the project for more details.

GitHub: parley

Install: Chrome Web Store


Stage: Alpha

A chrome privacy plugin. Blocks all third-party requests on web pages for a more private, secure and leaner web surfing experience

GitHub: parley

Install: Chrome


Stage: Released

Browser plugin to block Google Plus links, icons, notifiers etc. from other Google properties such as search and Gmail.

BitBucket: blockplus

Install: Chrome


Stage: Beta

Chrome plugin that forces secure connections and secure cookies on sites specified by the user in the options page (Twitter and Facebook enabled by default).

Tested with GitHub, Amazon and other sites. Will also block widgets such as like buttons, and will never send cookies in the clear.

GitHub: fidelio

Install: Chrome

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