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Australian technologist and developer with a background in information security currently working as a freelance security, privacy and startup consultant.
Previously at Techcrunch, CrunchBase, founder at Omnidrive and a number of other startups since 2000.

Most recently at CrunchFund in San Francisco where he sourced investments in DigitalOcean, GitLab, Streamable, ReadMe.io, Pachyderm and prediction.io.

University of Wollongong drop-out. Blogging since ’99. Writer at Techcrunch from 2007. Named in Australia’s The Bulletin magazine in 2007 as one of Australia’s ‘Smart 100’.

Worked in the security field since the 90s publishing dozens of advisories around web application security, IIS, Windows NT, Linux etc. (under various aliases and in my own name). Today I am an advocate for user privacy, security, civil and online rights.

Crunchbase Profile for more information. Most of my code is on GitHub

In my working role I advise startups, enterprises and venture funds on issues around security, privacy, new technology, bitcoin, etc. I carry out secure design, penetration tests, identify privacy issues, audits and conduct seminars about security and privacy. I have experience across a number of sectors including startups, enterprise tech, pharmaceuticals, investment banking, real estate and high-risk areas such as law firms, NGO employees, journalists, etc. I do this all over the world (lived in Australia, the UK, United States, Bosnia, Serbia and South Africa), and work remotely.

My contact details and PGP key are available on the contact page or at https://keybase.io/nikcub.

In the Media

Selected Media

How an Aussie hacker used information leakage to trade stocks

Sydney Morning Herald:
iCloud celebrity photo hack: texts, address books and more ‘also accessible’

Daily Mail: Millions of Australians’ private information at risk after security expert reveals serious flaws in Government website

Sydney Morning Herald: Revealed: serious flaws in myGov site exposed millions of Australians’ private information

New York Times: Privacy Groups ask FTC to investigate Facebook

BBC – Facebook fixed cookie ID glitch

“Frictionless Sharing A Cause For Concern” — Editorial in The Australian by Nik Cubrilovic

The Australian – Live Blog with Nik Cubrilovic

NYTimes: Update on latest Twitter attack

Sunday Sun Herald Feature: Beware cookie monster – Hacker exposed Facebook flaws (October 9, 2011)

Interview with Robert Scoble while at Techcrunch


Blog posts on Techmeme (since 2007)

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Content License

All of my published public content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. That includes content in my posts and comments here on my website, on Twitter, on Hacker News, on Reddit and anywhere else I write anything. That means:

  • You are free to share and copy the content
  • Make commercial use of the work

But only if you retain attribution to the author, Nik Cubrilovic (unless otherwise noted, such as a comment) and link back to the canonical original source, or back to my website here. If you link to a tweet or a source somewhere else, I would appreciate my name being linked back to www.nikcub.com – but it isn’t required.

As a courtesy, I ask that if you are republishing or citing any of my content, that you:

  • Make an effort to include any updates that are made to the original post.
  • If you are going to edit any of my content, get in touch and let me read any edits and approve them – just to make sure that you aren’t altering what I said.
  • Get in touch if you republish the content – either with an email or on Twitter

Citations in academic or other papers need not include a journal title or the title of this site. The format of author name, title, link and date is fine, The title should be taken from the post. Example:

Nik Cubrilovic. Persistent and Unblockable Cookies Using HTTP https://www.nikcub.com/posts/persistant-and-unblockable-cookies-using-http-headers/, August 2011.

I am trying to be as fair and as liberal as possible with sharing content. I am not interested in pageviews on my site (I don’t run ads) and am more interested in spreading the content freely. All I asked in return is for attribution.

Code Licenses

All code found on this site and in my code repositories, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a 2-clause BSD license which requires nothing more other than to retain a copy of the license, the copyright notice and the contact details of the author.

A full copy of that license can be found at http://www.nikcub.com/bsd-license.txt

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My cousin Daniel Njegich is a photojournalist based in Perth, Australia. His work sees him travel all over the world documenting people and it is featured on his site. He is available for freelance photography and photojournalism work.

My sister-in-law Dejana Cubrilovic is a photographer in Wollongong and her work, specializing in baby and child photography, is also featured on her site