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Large Number of Tor Hidden Sites Seized by the FBI in Operation Onymous were Clone or Scam Sites

This post is the first in a series dealing with the takedown of Silk Road 2.0 and Operation Onymous. The data in this post was put together with @secruedmh and @imposter. A big thanks to Juha Nurmia and his Tor Hidden Service Index, and researchers who share their work or report on stories such as lamoustache, gwern, deepdotweb along with others who don’t wish to be named for helping us fill in our index and cache. For updates follow on twitter.

In the two weeks since Silk Road 2.0 and a large number of other Tor hosted hidden services were taken down as part of Operation Onymous, we have crawled and indexed onion sites to find out just how many sites were seized and what sites were seized. Initial reports said 410 sites were seized, then 400 and this number has continued to be revised down until Europol said only some two-dozen sites were seized. Our crawl of just over 9,000 onion sites has found 276 seized onion sites.

The full table of seized onion sites discovered is below, an overview of the data and some findings:

  1. Out of a total of 276 seized onion addresses found, we identified 153 of the addresses as belonging to either clone, scam or phishing sites.
  2. Of the 153 clone or scam sites, 133 were clones and 20 were scam or phishing sites.
  3. In a number of cases the FBI has seized the clone or scam version of a site while leaving up the real site.
  4. In May of 2014 a bot known as the “Onion Cloner” was discovered and became known to Tor hidden service operators. This bot would find Tor hidden sites and clone them on its own address in an effort to steal passwords or intercept Bitcoin transactions. Of the 133 clone sites that the FBI seized, a large number of them were clone sites produced by the Onion Cloner that were mistaken for the real copy.
  5. Of the 8 websites mentioned in the FBI press release, 2 are clones and 1 is a scam site.
  6. Of the 32 onion addresses mentioned in the DOJ seizure notice filed in US court, 3 are scam sites and 9 are clone websites.
  7. As far as our survey has revealed and based on prior data about the Onion Cloner, every single Onion Cloner clone site has been seized or is no longer available.
  8. For the following sites, the clone or fake version was seized while the real site remains live: Cannabis UK, CStore, Dedope, Executive Outcomes, FakeID, Fake Real Plastic, Hackintosh, Pablo Escobar Drug Store, Real Cards Team, Smokeables, Zero Squad. Some of these sites were mentioned in the FBI press release or court seizure notice as having been taken down when in fact the clones were seized.
  9. There are almost 200 sites that have been seized that are not mentioned in any seizure notice or press release. These include the (real) sites for Fish Squad, Exposed, Hack the Planet, Cash Machine, DOXBIN, Pink Meth, OnionSphere, Mr Ouid’s Forum. That list includes personal websites, forums or other sites that had no outward appearance of illegal activity, and they are also not mentioned in any court or press documents. These sites were seized with what appears to be no, or little legal justification.
  10. Scam or phishing versions of Silk Road 2.0, Agora, Real Cards Team, Evolution and many other sites were seized.
  11. For some of the onion addresses, being mentioned in the FBI press release or the seizure notice is the first and only ever public web mention of the address.
  12. The website “Executive Outcomes”, which the FBI claims in seizure notices and press releases was a retailer of firearms was a well known scam site – it never shipped any weapons but took users funds.
  13. A clone of a Jihad funding website called “Fund the Islamic Struggle without leaving a trace” was seized, while the real website remains live (and has accepted over 5 BTC in donations)

Indications of Method

That the FBI seized so many clone and fake websites suggests a broad, untargeted sweep of hidden services rather than a targeted campaign. The slapshot nature of how sites were seized suggests that rather than starting with an onion address and then discovering the host server to seize, this campaign simply vacuumed up a large number of onion websites by targeting specific hosting companies. We have tracked down the hosting companies affected and the details will be published in a follow-up.

On that note, if you were the administrator of a hidden site that was seized, be it a clone or a real site, please get in touch (PGP and email here). I’ve spoken to a number of admins and hosting companies and have put together what the seized sites had in common in order to deduce the method used to locate them. Information from admins and hosts is invaluable in working out what the weaknesses of the seized sites was, and what can be learned from the seizures. There is a high likelihood that none of the seizures will be tested or revealed in court, at least not in the short term, so getting this information is important.

Tor Onion Data

The database of hidden sites, which I believe is the largest that has been collated, will be posted to this GitHub repository sometime in the next couple of days. An earlier version of the crawler used is also available on GitHub. We are currently putting together an index of data from the seized sites, including the forums, and other Tor hidden services along with a search engine. If you’re interested in contributing or adding data to it get in touch.

Table key: Column S = Site mentioned in DOJ seizure notice. Column P = Site mentioned in FBI press release

Site Host S P
Tor Bazaar Forum 22iwhc2luicynjqy.onion
Fake ID 23swqgocas65z7xz.onion Clone * *
NLGrowers 25ffhn7bm5fget24.onion Scam
Tor web developer: 2hcruaawg3e55vfa.onion Clone
The Dealer: 2sr3d7kvco5iy6ws.onion Clone
Doublespend 2xfmz7uf6ip6kpg3.onion Scam
The Hidden Wiki (mirror): 33lwkzt672innsj6.onion Clone
KavkazCenter: 33vqatzbvipi5ghe.onion Clone
Trava Pricelist 34j2fiy32xwuxsku.onion
Sea Kitten Palace: 3cvsdlyltwapggbf.onion Clone
EU DRUGSTORE: 3d635wnxku6h43eg.onion Clone
FAQ : 3e5rqv7542gxvwpk.onion Clone
Bitiply 3ioo62dyl5xawlmw.onion Clone
TORFORUM: 3osf4ttzukk5aouy.onion Clone
Tor Bazaar 3p42y56a76g6okuv.onion *
Fund The Islamic Struggle Anonymously bc3nbr42tdnqamvs.onion
Exposed – The Secret Web 4dpc64mjcbu5kkyn.onion Clone
AYPSELA news: 4jdirmqv2o65dlum.onion Clone
Cloud Nine 4jt6iq3r3agaldg7.onion
EasyCoin Bitcoin Wallet & Mixer” 4p7orzshxhif6cfz.onion Clone
TorShops 4ywfa43x2dutp5ta.onion Scam
Jotunbane’s Reading Club: 52frxf3nn43n6rt5.onion Clone
BrainMagic 5j7o54ivsh3qqgu3.onion Clone
1 Hour Laundry: 5mkcloe3kuefrqvr.onion Clone
Fast Cash! 5oulvdsnka55buw6.onion * *
TorBox: 5wxxvwnsvwsv2ens.onion Clone
Farmer1 5x5hcw4ym6nno42p.onion *
GreenPaper Counterfeiters (Super Notes) 67yjqewxrd2ewbtp.onion Scam *
Onion Mail: 6e44iwci5e6iodyw.onion Clone
Green Machine 6hstmidevw5dhkct.onion
The Green Machine 6ijclyvilv53ll76.onion *
SteamLoader: 6nkwg6ngv5txpfqc.onion Clone
Doxbin / DeDope 6odhiu7bke342ip5.onion *
Green Dragon Supplier 6wlmeo5zdm5jzex5.onion
Evolution (Phishing) 7bt3s7ikypzurhue.onion Scam
Wall Street Tor: 7ttedph3rjhoh24y.onion Clone
Cash Flow 7y6e3uutyvoi2myq.onion
Babylon a7jtfnjllglyjq4q.onion
Onion Identity Services abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion Scam
USFakeIDs abo7iovzgznlqbno.onion Clone
Lossless Audio Files: afismo35weljjdcv.onion Clone
KognitionsKyrkan: afkpdjdkvkir4mp4.onion Clone
Agora (Phishing) agorazbdc4zq5oww.onion Scam
Alpaca alpaca727o3c75xx.onion
Alpaca Marketplace alpaca7bcqv2rnu3.onion *
SOL’s Unified USD Counterfeit’s aodaost3cbxnzgno.onion Clone *
Cloud Nine aoyukbwlwxzcllet.onion
NLGrowers: aukpec3jyuuoe5cm.onion Clone b35trto3blj4bpq4.onion Clone
Onionweb filehosting: b3xbwcuuflw73r5u.onion Clone
TORCH b7i32g7huhreg2dd.onion Clone
Tor Bazaar bazaar755zbjb121.onion *
Tor Bazaar bazaarlv2a7i3uyn.onion *
Onion Channel bcyh7mzfrekxobud.onion Clone
Cloud Nine bg62ti72ckuo6rm2.onion
Blue Sky blueskyplzv4fsti.onion * *
Mysterious bt7wb565zgx3xuug.onion Clone
Bungee54 bungee54uqchxfny.onion *
Lion Pharma bvhbasj4jxhwc7d7.onion Clone
Cloud Nine (Main) bviaqyj6obc54vhn.onion
Cloud Nine c6x3fexjje4uaczd.onion
Buy Twitter Followers: c7kbn6qnsw6glp5c.onion Clone
Cannabis Road cannabiskofvl7pa.onion *
Hack The Planet chippyits5cqbd7p.onion
Cstore – Carded Store cstoreav7i44h2lr.onion
MAGIC MUSHROOMS STORE: cvy25jynw7g6tamj.onion Clone
Cloud Nine cxhlovvocanzs7ka.onion
TorSafe: cxyamaiowtvnj22a.onion Clone
Cloud Nine cyeji6dcpvad5zsq.onion
Cloud Nine czl2oqmd3ovghwk5.onion
The Pot Shop d5jkxy5i6r3sddfw.onion
Data Bin databinhwin4xuxx.onion
DeDope dedope6uu7errzu3.onion Scam
Steal This Wiki mirror: dejxz2tiz6f5nbrp.onion Clone
Black Market dgoega4kbhnp53o7.onion Clone *
Black Market: dgoegaf7vnu3uowm.onion Clone
Clean My Coins Fake djyy6p2ohwkkmn2l.onion Clone
Andromeda dlifghyxshlgjlzw.onion Clone
Help Guy dm4gtebssktdskxn.onion Clone
Blackbank Market (Scam) do37y4wk2detgi6x.onion Scam
Cannabis UK dokpyl6egokvejos.onion Clone *
Doxbin doxbinbhx7nvfq62.onion
Doxbin doxbindtelxceher.onion
Doxbin doxbinicsjqqmohl.onion
Doxbin doxbinphonls5hsk.onion
Doxbin doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion
Doxbin doxbinyvbolyfhss.onion
Doxbin doxbinzqkeoso6sl.onion
Pablo Escobar Drugstore drugs6ayt3njhzha.onion Scam *
Doxbin dxwmc6b3mtklq44j.onion
The Armory clone dzc6ptsiaajb3mjj.onion
Amberoad e2lp3d74xdfqmguk.onion Clone
Silkroad 2.0: e5wvymnx6bx5euvy.onion Clone
Outlaw Market eaq2e77pmdvrepbq.onion
EasyCoin easycoinsayj7p5l.onion
Cloud Nine eb3bbtsqywrdo5ae.onion
Real Cards Team en74n7uqro3flkmz.onion Clone *
Cloud Nine epj7nsddjr3jaorc.onion
Cloud Nine epvjwvjhqs74iq7l.onion
EuroGuns eurogunjz5w4qb46.onion Scam
Exposed exposed36mq3ns23.onion
Sell your pictures for Bitcoins f2x5eapxymahuf2t.onion Clone
EuCanna f4ggfopjge6utz3n.onion Clone
Cstore – Carded Store fd4qqglswwsv6fph.onion Clone *
Deutschland im Deep Web fjgf5eo4zyntgbus.onion Clone
Flugsvamp flugsvampfgdzp76.onion
Bitcoin For Proxy fogcoreohrvfeur5.onion Scam
Cannabis Road forumzxmoorof4ja.onion *
Welcome, We’ve been expecting you!:” foubiqu6uin2dv2n.onion Clone
USA/EU Fake Documents store: ftkfjfsbsc3yebzw.onion Clone
Laundry King: fvb7crr4hu7u57m6.onion Clone
Apples 4 Bitcoin fvpibvo6tphexfvl.onion Scam
Double Your Bitcoins fwpplqylgbpjymrr.onion Clone
MALINA fzmmntb5ufod2zyt.onion Clone
TorFind: g3tqsiw5rc6d6vmc.onion Clone
konkret – das linke magazine gcymml5rdr6lhpto.onion
Словесный Богатырь gr4dszr5zd2k44qa.onion Clone
Deep Web Radio: gzkqe6rodeexilic.onion Clone
DuckDuckGo: h2dbmwstr6klbsi6.onion Clone
The Pirate Market: h5nfci2xgob2nheu.onion Clone
Cloud Nine h5ry3wfk7md3vkfc.onion
Cash Machine hcutffvavocsh6nd.onion
The PaypalCenter hd74evbdzn6cl264.onion Scam
Black&Yellow hwvx64v3zu43ih75.onion
Hydra Forum hydrafmchvpq5yc6.onion *
Hydra hydrampvvnunildl.onion * *
Hydra Russian hydraruehsdjjfud.onion
TorSearch: i7fahngv323nndta.onion Clone
Executive Outcomes iczyaan7hzkyjown.onion Clone * *
Fake Real Plastic igvmwp3544wpnd6u.onion * *
TorGameDepot: ilf5incisxerov56.onion Clone
Cloud Nine itjsuhezvyyi7pjg.onion
Super Notes Counter j62alxawj7624ejg.onion Clone
Hydra j6372sksh6uolrzz.onion
Site do Renan Jackson: jcfcrq76kdc4ghmo.onion Clone
Cocaine Market jd3gdrtmhm7vwudx.onion
CYRUSERV: jf5p4debofmd2kdq.onion Clone
Mr Quid’s Forum jfekrr6wghtmalpd.onion
Apple’s Tor jff4wifbjuqmhubb.onion Clone *
OnionNews: jgfoj3jyfinnrbs5.onion Clone
Cloud Nine jgpvu5d5fufwpqa7.onion
Cloud Nine ji45q56enmtidgl5.onion
Cheap Euros jmntdqtytkuhqlzu.onion Clone
The House of Cards: jmobhake4txapqd7.onion Clone
paraZite juctmzs5jwu3cd6l.onion Clone
Cloud Nine jz3rmfugjt5eiyr5.onion
WeBuyBitcoins jzn5w5pmhmbqxmzi.onion
Onion Identity Services k5dvoeyiwakymez5.onion Clone
DeDope kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion
Apple Palace kcan7d4ahhryu6gg.onion Clone
The Hidden Wiki kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion
The Tor Library: lgic2yjpimouvjnw.onion Clone
Cloud Nine lhckzzv3qlvcwfg2.onion
Doxbin lhvxqyd7ux2oinn7.onion
Kamagra for Bitcoin: lnien5hngzlojppv.onion Clone
The PayPal Center lygnimwoedhioopl.onion
Silkkitie m2lbhzmzmfv5a763.onion
Vault43 m7653h3gcw7d2ytf.onion
MALINA malina2ihfyawiau.onion
CebollaChan: mdlhkgnddfijuh4z.onion Clone
Runion mescqp3y3sfo27rm.onion Clone
Hidden Betcoin mqaa6l5vb7rbpksf.onion
The PayPal Center mv5cb4hz3ecscshx.onion *
Cloud Nine mx7rzz5my2fq46wz.onion
Prepaid Bliss: n5qsqwl2y3qrr2jq.onion Clone
Cloud Nine n7hwwwncx3bcx5vc.onion
Cloud Nine ned32wtuel43cxbf.onion
Torchan: noqfeqisdgchn7zb.onion Clone
Doxbin npieqpvpjhrmdchg.onion
MORAL.NU nskxjg4c3nvwzxuw.onion Clone
Paypal-Coins o3ecpxemcg4itdoy.onion Clone
Onionshop onionsvpscug6wpk.onion
The Secret Story Archive: oqgylsk6seo42gpk.onion Clone
Tor Bazaar Beta orjidjtyniyzn5il.onion
Drug Market oxr3dae6epxdc4pg.onion Clone
The Secret Story Archive #1st: oxrxwesdxlnwsj3x.onion Clone
USJUD Counterfeits p4ecvpaclc44j3jz.onion Clone
Cloud Nine p6qx55i5r64mxq7n.onion
Pandora pandora3uym4z42b.onion * *
Clone Site pbq2zmsrh4cdxdxl.onion Scam
UK Passports: pclb34gpalrdxj4u.onion Clone
nachash penisycpu3fixdcr.onion
Green Dragon Supplier pg5epl6suareiqq6.onion
Old Man Fixer’s Fixing Services ph22uxxxttai7v2n.onion Clone
BitPharma pharmagbsxol4n4k.onion
BitPharma pharmajiyhpjflqi.onion Clone
Pink Meth pinkmethuylnenlz.onion
Mobile Store pptzzk2wye6rfeki.onion Clone
MailTor: pyvdmllsh6mczfgb.onion Clone
PayPal4U qbikfpcr4mhqoumm.onion
R2D2 qrfnwgdjdsgtx5u4.onion Clone
Tor Carding Forums qtr46f7bgf4kzt7q.onion
Cloud Nine rgam2tqpqhelm4ow.onion
Cloud Nine rhmhjalcohuys4a5.onion
UK Guns and Ammo rhqetwhda65zcakj.onion Clone
RUForum: rk5pbdbyrqksxui4.onion Clone
Hidden Wiki: rmhpp6w3ncrvxiub.onion Clone
Tor: rmnd3b5dvuqtshlh.onion Clone
Cloud Nine rndm56yv54aqe7pn.onion
Example rendezvous points page: rqjfolmb2h7iqdvq.onion Clone
Thunder’s Place: s5yvlnz7qljsdmtc.onion Clone
ccPal safj5y2f45whsvvs.onion Clone
Cloud Nine sdjv72hp5x6pt5en.onion
Doxbin senmtjpxn2m72nlu.onion Clone
Silkkitie silkkitiehdg5mug.onion
Silk Road 2.0 silkroad3og4b6bq.onion Scam
Silk Road Forums silkroad5v7dywlc.onion
Silk Road silkroad6midjsbr.onion *
Silk Road silkroad6ownowfk.onion
Smokables smoker3gvmgfbi4e.onion Clone *
Brave Bunny sqxamnigeby5u37b.onion Clone
Wikileaks New link: srozpqsnh2lgyewu.onion Clone
Cloud Nine srz5wvnyd7skt5uh.onion
samsungstore storegsq3o5mfxiz.onion
Флибуста | Книжное братство” su74joxcacuafyq6.onion Clone
[Forum PHISHING LINK] t6la6i24jkow5roh.onion Scam
Cloud Nine taifcjgrifyjiwey.onion
Apples 4 Bitcoin tfwdi3izigxllure.onion Scam
USA Citizenship tgielwnuv3xzfg7r.onion
Topix topixslhezyytrvm.onion
â… TOR-SERV â…: torservsbt7rsbfg.onion Clone
Cash Machine tpe3rm2w4fkbtciu.onion Clone
Galaxy Social Network tvbkrvflzx2pmvpw.onion Clone
The Hidden Market uaq62zdqnjr4xo4q.onion
Rent-A-Hacker ubquja4ech6symkv.onion Clone
Assassination Market: ugq2p64trcyg3xgt.onion Clone
Code:Green uhfftlqlyjnelhcf.onion Clone
Real Cards Team ujompjlrdgbhkmuj.onion
Dark Hosting: ul4kmrygtkhbb5vz.onion Clone
samsungstore unsbwt2utosasdxq.onion Clone
keys open doors: uqbmgvisfz2wpj4v.onion Clone
Creative Hack: urjlsqe373ismjwg.onion Clone
Fake Real Plastic vc5apwufjoil3svw.onion Clone
Torbook: vg4gxg3mjymuh54x.onion Clone
Green Star Station: vgfzmngu7dh5ye76.onion Clone
Hack The Planet: vpkyqijluxa33ywp.onion Clone
Rich Richard: vz3ofn5f2lous44c.onion Clone
Doxbin wn323ufq7s23u35f.onion
HQER wtpum5yzyihiewlq.onion
Golden Nugget wyj4d4u237p3coca.onion Scam
lol 20th Century Western Music x4am6cpmndsqzbu2.onion Clone
Cloud Nine x7ikq6a3qx5qjikf.onion
CC-Planet Fullz xadxysdnd3ug2dea.onion
Hydra Forums xdbn2gsuk74nwd7f.onion
Clean My Coins xgrsaj3wykpofseb.onion
RepAAA’s Hidden Empire xskus6q7olpdlrkb.onion *
Cloud Nine xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion * *
Beneath VT: y4hzxepemtqcf4qh.onion Clone
paraZite y66x4b3jrt3mnglw.onion Clone
Onion Wallet y6dyzauztb5u2ufa.onion Clone
Flugsvamp yakwbcn5ou2wkzfx.onion
Cipolla ybphbuwerurne43o.onion
Suojeluskunta: ycngkogtvlaphgx2.onion Clone
Cloud Nine ye5n3ecw64utvmmh.onion
Onix Electronics: yhu73qfnjti3cmvf.onion Clone
Zyprexa Kills: yifsrwkdvjiojr7w.onion Clone
Peoples Drug Store: yrenuxvrrhmuvces.onion Clone
USD Counterfeits yrpavngfbhbc3tcc.onion Clone
BuggedPlanet.Info: yy5pepg54c5jry36.onion Clone
Zero Squad z5fvd3hwmtzkgaqy.onion Scam *
The Intel Exchange: z7d7gx53ne7fouyf.onion Clone
Cloud Nine z7rpuixjsncgomw7.onion
OnionSphere: zbojy7pmy5vrrcqe.onion Clone
nekrotown: zect4qky5qdam2xd.onion Clone
Bitcoin-escrow: zkwwpiiksjafjo35.onion Clone
Mail2Tor: zv7lufndr4khlicg.onion Clone
  1. Finnish drug site: silkkitiehdg5mug seems to be up (Login page at least, I dont have login id’s). Weird was that 1st of 11 the site stated ‘Maintenance etc’ ‘we rise again’
    I think m2lbhzmzmfv5a763.onion of it would be it’s clone.

    wouldn’t “Fund The Islamic Struggle Anonymously bc3nbr42tdnqamvs.onion ” be a clone, based on news…

  2. Not a single CP site? Weird.
    Perhaps cross-reference list was not complete as sites like “Ahmia” deletes such sites on their directory.

  3. I’m interested as to what “konkret – das linke magazine” is.
    If it’s anything to do with this website/publication (a german left-wing political magazine) then it looks like the FBI have taken down a totally legit site?!

  4. what is the strategic benefit of going after clones? I can imagine a couple solid reasons, but am not savy nor knowledgeable enough to say for sure.

  5. Weird. Me thought it would be as hard to find a clone than to find the original. If they’re able to find clones, why not the original websites? After all, both are onions…
    Unless… Unless these clones were created by the FBI themselves which is of cours impossible.

  6. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your work on this. It’s an interesting investigation into an important topic. I am looking forward to reading the second installment. Do you have any idea when it will be published?

    • Thanks. The next two parts have been written – just waiting on some additional confirmation on some of the included info prior to publishing

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